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Best 10 English Television Series to Watch

Best 10 English Television Series to Watch

Entertainment in all forms is a huge part of life without which you’d die of boredom before pressure kills you. It provides rest after working hard all day, distracts from harsh reality and offers an opportunity to learn something new like martial arts. Finding the right television series that provides these three can sometimes be an uphill task to do. These are a few recommendations that you might find worth your time.

The first television show you should

The first television show you should look out for is the renowned Vampire Diaries. An epic supernatural story loved by many about two long-time vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, who battle many alike that seek to take control of their hometown. This all happens while they share a common love interest, Elena, and would go to great lengths to guarantee safety as well win the girls’ affection. If you happen to like this show, then you will love the incredible sequel, Originals. The unconditional love of a family takes the middle stage in the originals, four vampire siblings, the first of their kind, battle both friends and vengeful foes to protect a baby.

Additionally, the American crime drama show,

Additionally, the American crime drama show, Blacklist, is thrilling. The main character, Raymond, is number one on the FBI most wanted when he shows up out of the blue. Vowing to help bring justice to some of the worst criminal minds but in return wants full immunity for past crimes. The daughter, Elizabeth, leads a group of three field agents to capture these criminals while keenly keeping a close eye on Raymond who has hidden agendas. Hanna is also a good crime show that you’d get out of work early for and spend hours glued to the screen watching.

Best 10 English Television Series to Watch

Designated Survivor has graced the screens for four epic seasons, but you will adore it. As a huge fan of presidential motorcades and constantly checks YouTube videos on how men dressed in black do their job, this is the series for you. More importantly, it is interesting because of a cool storyline, the lowest ranking cabinet minister is forced to come to terms with leading the free world after a terror attack that wiped out all those superior to him. The show Salvation would capture all of your attention too. A student from Michigan simply interested in the stars discovers a huge asteroid heading directly for earth and secretly teams up with classified government operatives to work out possible solutions. Time is ticking as they have exactly one hundred days to save all of humanity so no matter the personal conflicts, cooperation is ideal.

Growing up as a child, you must have foolishly imagined yourself having supernatural abilities like flying far up above the clouds or possessing a skin which needles do not penetrate. You get to smile and relive these sweet memories on a Saturday night alone or with friends from out of town while watching Supergirl. Supergirl talks about an alien from a planet far beyond this galaxy, a million light years away sent to protect the human race. Flying at almost the speed of light, running faster than a speeding bullet, hearing from as far as hundreds of miles away and shooting beams out of the eyes, Supergirl saves a whole city from powerful enemies. You would feel like it is all real while suddenly wishing to swap places when you think of all the fun you could have. Stranger things is also a show to catch up with friends as it is a science fiction horror story about a group of kids who encounter and fight evil.

Big Bang Theory has been going on for twelve epic years and you will fall in love with just the first episode before unrelentingly vowing to follow it all through. Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh and Howard will make you die of laughter with often sarcasm. Leonard is into practical physics, Rajesh likes the stars, Howard designs robots while Sheldon, who is the funniest, is into theoretical physics. The tenth comedy series to watch out for is Never Ever and it is streaming on Netflix. A teenage American Indian girl struggles to keep up with societal pressures like modes of dressing and faith after losing her dad at a young age.