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Best Series That Need Reruns

Best Series That Need Reruns

There is a list of TV series that ended way too soon, the list is long and heartbreaking because these characters will never act that same parts. We fell in love with the characters personalities, for that we’ve had to pay by having them cancelled before we had taken our fill of them.

Hannibal is a psychological horror thriller, TV series about Doctor Lecter who is quite frankly a psychopath, he kills and eats his victims, yet he is a well-known forensic psychiatrist who is trusted by the detectives. He is assigned Will Graham who is a criminal profiler as a patient, doctor Hannibal is a clever cannibal who feeds his guests the meat of people he kills. As much as we wished he was brought to justice the show was cancelled in its first season where it ends in Will Graham getting locked up for multiple murders. They were committed by Lecter who framed him, it’s interesting from the beginning and leaves you wanting more.

Merlin is about the ancient times

Constantine is a bout a man John, who can converse with half angels and half demons, the man tries to make peace with the heavens for his mortal mistakes. The series Constantine was cancelled before it developed a large fan base although the name is well-known.

Merlin is about the ancient times when witches were hated and burned at the stake, even though there has been a variety of versions told of this series. The voted best was the one where the main actor was Colin Morgan. Morgan acts as a young boy who has powerful magic yet cannot show it as those times he would have been killed, he leaves home to go live with his uncle. The old sorcerer works under the king as an advices and potion healer. The old man nurtures Merlin to become a powerful sorcerer who works under the prince Arthur. This TV series ended after season five, it will forever be a loved version Merlin to most Americans.

Brooklyn 99 is a fun TV

Leverage is a crime drama action filled television series that stars Nathan Ford a mastermind and his team of five members who are wanted by the FBI. This group consists of a grifter Sophie Devereaux, who can take on any personality along with any accent needed in that episode. She is beautiful and therefore can get the attention of any mark they decide on. A retriever specialist called Elliot Spencer, he is a hitter who can take out anyone, he always has this angry persona that is relatable to his time in the navy. A computer genius called Alec Hardison, Alec can hack any electronic device at any given time, he falls in love with Parker. It’s cancelled after the fifth season leaving us wanting more of them delivering justice or as they call it leverage.

Brooklyn 99 is a fun TV series of police detectives in their lives, it showcases Detective Jake Perolta who is mostly a joker and never takes anything seriously. Their new leader, Captain Ray Holt who is eccentric, diverse and a good leader. Jake is in love with a fellow detective, detective Amy Santiago. Perolta’s best friend is detective Charles who idolizes Jake. This comedy serious is fun, once you start watching it you will find yourself at the end of season 5 but wanting more of their crazy lives and cases.

Best Series That Need Reruns

Afraid of the dark is a horror series that has three episodes each lasting an hour, this version is the mini-series. The series is about a group of teenagers who tell scary stories surrounding a campfire. A new member tells a scary story about a clown who disappeared together with the whole circus Mr. Tophat comes to life when this story is told, the next day a circus is in town, the following day people don’t have any memory of the circus but one kid is missing. The only people who remember are the Midnight Society members, they go on a scary adventure to free their friend, it’s interesting but only three episodes long.

Surburgatory is a comedy series that features a father-daughter relationship in a new area, the father finds an unused condom in Tessas’ room and immediately decides that she is growing up way too fast. George Altman moves in to the quiet surburban neighbourhood with Tessa. Altman imagines their lives will be boring enough to slow down his daughter’s growth but that is not the case because every day is a new drama in that small neighbourhood. It’s entertaining and you will definitely wish it wasn’t only three seasons long.