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HBO: The Television Series Network That Embodies Realism

HBO: The Television Series Network That Embodies Realism

Two hundred years ago, the biggest criticism against artists and their creative works was realness, where at the time, most of these artists were poets. Theorists of those ages determined that the poetic content was used by artists to help the audience escape their real life issues. Luckily for the artistic audience of the current age, the current content is not only poetic, it is as real as it could be. As far as HBO is concerned, the reality of life in art cannot be more true.

The Home Box Office, which is represented by HBO in short form, offers realism. HBO’s television series more than other networks such as Netflix, CBS, Showtime, Cinemax and Amazon Prime Video are good examples of direct competition for HBO. HBO is at the top of the chain because of its revealing television series, when put in the same group as these networks. The network has produced famous television series, such as Game of Thrones, Euphoria, and Silicon Valley.

California's home of technology is filled

Traits particularly related to reality in these HBO Television Series are quite evident. In these Television Series, there are different displays of reality, where content creators use plot, video, audio, and characters, to show the realistic events of life, taking place in the lives of Western people. Availability of realistic aspects of HBO Television shows in all genres of Television Series creation is given. For instance, in the television show Silicon Valley, the plot shows the reality of life for Silicon Valley tech experts.

California’s home of technology is filled with young entrepreneurs who aspire to be the greatest technology moguls, and believe that starting their journey in Silicon Valley is the answer to the swift journey to a millionaire lifestyle. But life in this area for such youngsters has never been as glamorous as would be expected. This television series presents the exact plot of the life of a struggling tech expert with big dreams in Silicon Valley.

If Aristotle and Franz Brentano were

For Game Thrones, the reality of life is presented through video, where content is extremely revealing. In some scenes, characters perform sexual scenes, while completely nude, where in the show, they expose every inch of their bodies. 200 years ago, during these sex scenes, bowing to poetic criticism from ancient theorists, 200 years ago. While HBO content critics might consider such scenes explicit, the ancient theorists might have seen it as a great achievement. If HBO existed in the 1800s, its admiration would’ve been likened to the rate of significance that was given by the police in catching Bonnie and Clyde in the 90s. In every aspect of realism, HBO would’ve been that good, for the ancient theorists.

If Aristotle and Franz Brentano were alive, they would have appreciated HBO’s rate of attention to realism, which is evident in every television show ever seen on HBO. Whenever TV fans are preparing to watch an HBO series, they know they are in for a treat. HBO fans cannot afford to miss out on the new HBO series because operating networks that run 24 hours long, HBO is quite bingeworthy.

HBO: The Television Series Network That Embodies Realism

Networks run by HBO include its subsets such as HBO Latino, HBO Family and HBO Comedy. HBO not only good television series filled with realism, but it also has competitive executives in TV and film creation that help in ensuring that the network’s subsets are well controlled. Success at HBO is achieved by mentoring new upcoming talent and nurturing them into Hollywood superstars. Through realism, the significance of storytelling is revealed in HBO’s television series. With a range of products and network subsets that HBO operates on a twenty-four-hour basis, it is bingeworthy of fans who love to have their stories told on TV.

Above all the tactics that the executives in HBO use, there is one idea they put into use, and it is a secret. The secret is that all the television series aired on the network are unfamiliar to targeted audiences. According to Showmax stories, a single factor that makes HBO different is its surprising plots and stories to fans including targeted audiences. When fans of HBO set up their theaters at home to watch a Television Series, they never know what to expect, they just know it is good and out of the ordinary.