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How a TV Series Is Made

How a TV Series Is Made

Sitting down with your friends on a slow Saturday afternoon to watch a television series, say Prison Break, sounds cool until you are asked to give steps in which it was made otherwise the power is cut. Unfortunately, that would be the end of a romantic evening because of not having the slightest bit of clue on how television production is done. To avoid a similar situation, you could take less than ten minutes out of your busy work or play schedule and read short articles on how this is done.

Every great accomplishment throughout history, from

Every great accomplishment throughout history, from medicine and the field of engineering to good pieces of art, has been known to start with a simple idea. The same principle of a good idea remains constant even for television or film production. You do not need to spend hours going through books in the library or a whole day watching YouTube videos to think of something that might be great and have you on the cover of magazines. Sometimes, simply gearing up your headphones to listen to music before going on to jog in the park works the magic trick just fine. It is from the great outdoors that you draw inspiration that just might earn you billions of dollars.

Put this plot down on paper

Put this plot down on paper and it does not necessarily have to be the whole thing. Early Monday morning, the idea was pitched to interested network parties to see what they think about it, and whether it is worth the resources they will put at your disposal. Normally, this takes close to twelve hours and can even extend into the night, denying you that dinner date you had planned out earning yourself a hot slap. If a network falls in love with an idea, finding it to have potential, then the next step begins soon afterwards, but if they do not, you are going back to start all over again.

How a TV Series Is Made

The idea is transferred from mind and whiteboards to lengthy lines of words written over short or long periods of time in what is called a script. It is exhausting staying up all night trying to put grammar together so you’d require a hot beverage keeping not only sleep at bay but cold too. The scriptwriter has only one shot at this so it has to be good and not perfect as a few edits can be made throughout the production process. For young aspiring and renowned actors, auditions have become important considering how quickly news travels as the available slots fill up quickly.

Being an actor for too long, sometimes all it takes is a text notification from a producer asking you to avail yourself. The auditioning process takes a maximum of two weeks. Battling it out before the judges to impress their eyes is not the easiest of tasks but it could set anyone on a roll towards stardom. Judges are often left unaware of choice when making final decisions on who gets to grace the screens playing a certain beloved character.

Two weeks later, auditions close and next comes choosing the crew members. The crew is important because while you have control over scriptwriting and character formation, they have control over everything else that happens on set. A fashion designer decides whether the audience will be left drooling over a dress worn by while attending a party in the plot or whether they will be disgusted by it. Visual effects producers make sure the background seems so real a kid could persistently want to buy a plane ticket and go on an adventure to discover it. A cameraman has to take cute photos of every character on set that could be used as posters.

Actual shooting and production of the television show marks the final stages but before that location where it would be done has to be identified. A location should match scenes in the script with beautiful silent views or loud ugly ones. Necessary single or multiple edits are made then watched several times in secret by everyone involved in making it to ascertain originality. The trailer was cut out and kept on several digital platforms like YouTube to inform eagerly awaiting fans. The network airing the series could renew for a second season based on global views and popularity it captured on a previous season with the same or different characters.