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Netflix Terrace House Halts Production Plans As Growing Concerns Os Reality Sucide Report Risees

Netflix Terrace House Halts Production Plans As Growing Concerns Os Reality Sucide Report Risees

It is sad news as Terrace House: Tokyo has announced the cancellation of the show following the demise of one of the lead star Hana Kimura. The announcement came on Wednesday via the movie’s official twitter platform which will see the termination of the seasoned movie as no further shooting or airing of new episodes will happen again. Kimura became part of the Netflix reality franchise cast and the 22 years old have started appearing on-air since episode 20. Hana Kimura left her family and friends on May 23 as revealed by Japan’s Stardom wrestling in the early morning hours of Saturday. Before her death, Kimura was the child of popular professional wrestler Kyoko Kimura. She took on to the same wrestling passion and she became a titleholder in 2016. The actress has gone on to make name for herself winning the best artist of Stardom Competition on two occasions and also crowned Goddess of the competition.

While Terrace House has been forced

While Terrace House has been forced to stop production, a statement stretched to fans’ condole and sympathized with all who knew her, demanding respect and allowing the news to settle a bit with many prayers for Family and close relatives. The message ended with lots of thanks for the support and well-wishing received during the heavy moment. As of the time of writing, the cause of her ill fate remains undercover.

Netflix Terrace House Halts Production Plans As Growing Concerns Os Reality Sucide Report Risees

The eye-popping of the story was when the BBC revealed that hour before Kimura’s demise, the pro wrestler uploaded photos on her social handles which she captioned “Goodbye”. She included statements wishing her fans love and long joyful life with how sorry she is about nobody knew what then as stated by the Washington newspapers. These tweets are no more on her handles.

In the aftermath of the demise of Hana Kimura, the call for concrete attention on reoccurring suicide acts rocking reality shows heats up. This is not the first time the fishy demise of a reality cast is reported as previous death presumed to be suicide has romanced TVs such as The Bachelor and Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen. Attention is drawn on how these stars deal with the negative comments and critics they get from their roles and what measures are sprinkle by the producers to curtail such badmouths. Kimura’s death could be the turn that many have hoped on as no eye-bat on the recent death of Japanese actress will inevitably cause a repeat of another mysterious death story.

From a study report released, 38 suicide affiliated to reality contestant occurred last year. The reported suicide of Neha Sawant, a dance competitor who was only 11 years old and the following demise of Love Island host Caroline Flack are the cannons raising awareness on the link between mental stability and reality competitions. True efforts from some show putting precautions to shunt such malicious acts are reported but it is obvious the efforts are not enough. There must be a thorough campaign and a strong desire from producers if this menace is to be abruptly curb. Rest in peace to all the dead.