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The Best Unheard-of TV Series

The Best Unheard-of TV Series

Some underrated TV series include Casual, which was created in 2015 by Jason Reitman, and had run four seasons on Hulu TV about a bachelor whose sister gets divorced then comes to live with him, they then face challenges in modern dating scenarios. Raising Dion first aired in 2019 about a single mom with her son who has superpowers, and she tries to protect him from an agency that captures then experiments on people with superpowers. The series has a single season but the second seasonal show might be released soon on Netflix. Champions by Mindy Kaling first produced in 2018 is a comic series about a bachelor who owns a big gym in Brooklyn, lives with his brother, and life runs smoothly until a high school lover brings over their son to live with him as he attends school.

Blood and Water on Netflix has

Blood and Water on Netflix has one season based around Fikile who bumps into a rival swimmer at a school party, their resemblance makes Puleng curious to investigate whether they are sisters. The 2017 two season fiction series Midnight Texas has eight main cast members about a small Texan town. The town has normal people by day but vampires, witches and psychics who fight off external attacks from outside villages. Comeback star Lisa Kudrow, who is trying to rekindle her fame with a new show by making jokes from every challenge she faces, makes the series worth watching.

Another less popular series is The

Another less popular series is The Wrong Girl, a dramatic two-season comedy starring Lily who is a producer, directing a cooking show. She gets caught in a lover triangle between her best friend and the famous, handsome cook in her show. The Alex Rider series is centered on a teenage boy whose uncle gets killed, and he finds out the Uncle worked for The Secret Service Agency. He was recruited by the Agency to investigate what a school called Point Blank does besides correcting the behavior of rebellious rich children. The 2020 twenty thriller series ‘Ratched’ is centered on an evil nurse at a state mental institution where her brother was confined, so the nurse got the job to try to rescue him. She is evil plus merciless as she convinces several patients to commit suicide.

The Best Unheard-of TV Series

Peaky Blinders debuted in 2013, for five seasons, going to its sixth in 2021 with a historical setting surrounding a gang that existed in England with a similar name which robbed and committed violence. The gang members were people from a low-class economy who were unemployed and committed crimes to help them survive. The Rectify series has four seasons after which it was canceled, and it’s centered on a teenager who gets wrongfully imprisoned for two decades after allegedly killing his girlfriend. He sets out to find out who is the real murderer that killed his girlfriend making him pay for another’s crime. The Unorthodox miniseries has four episodes about a Jewish teenage girl who escapes her marriage to Germany.

She meets music students who become friends with her, helping the girl secure a place in a music school. Esty faces challenges when her husband pursues her as she seeks freedom, becoming exposed from her conservative community. Lovesick first premiered in 2014 with three seasonal runs featuring Dylan, who gets involved in relationships while trying to find love. He was diagnosed with an STD forcing him to tell all his past lovers they had to get tested too. His female best friend is in love with him, they finally become a couple in the third season. Pushing Daisies aired between 2007 and 2009 with two seasons but got canceled because there was a one-year gap between the seasons making the series less popular. The 2-periodic show’s worth a watch since they star a cook that could resurrect people with his touch and helped solve murders.

The European fiction series Missions, produced in 2017 has two seasonal features of European elites who send members to Mars to live there. The journey is not smooth as they face challenges in the spaceship. Other unpopular series that are worth being viewed are Superstore, Patriot, 12 monkeys, Queen Sono, Venture Bros, Leftovers, Condor, Single Ladies, The Guardian, Single Mom, The Mentalist, New Girl, Humans, White Collar, Good behavior. These series may be unheard of, but they are interesting with unique plot settings that will have you glued to your screen catching all episodes.