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Vu Televesions introduce new model

Vu Televesions introduce new model

Wednesday was a great day as Vu Televisions expanded its 4K Android smart television by launching four new models to the market in India. New 43(43UT), 50(50UT), 55(55UT), and 65(65UT) inch sized models were launched which are expected to go on sale today. The new model will have a 40% enhanced brightness with an additional controller for a backlight as a new feature on the display. Technical aspects on the TV will be adjustable since it has a Pro Picture Calibration feature that will allow the users to adjust color temperature, gamma correction, reduce noise to their preferences. With these features, the company is opting to improve its sales to a certain unknown number. An unknown number of sales is due to the disruptions that affected the company making it unable to make projections for the sales this year.

The new models’ price will range

The new models’ price will range between Rs 25, 999, to Rs 48, 999 in India with the 43UT being the cheapest and the 65UT having the highest price among these new products. On the other hand, 50UT and 55UT will cost at Rs 28, 999, and Rs 32, 999 respectively. These televisions will sell in the offline market after a given time duration. Users who cannot wait for that duration will be able to access them online later today to enjoy the preloaded Netflix, and YouTube apps, as well as Google, play access.

Vu Televesions introduce new model

Vu Ultra 4K TV series new models have amazing new features and specifications where the TV series has improved the display and audio output on them. Direct LED(DLED) of ultra edge 4K (3, 840×2, 160 pixels) display with a brightness of 400 nits will be available. The LCD panel will have a bunch of LEDs to illuminate the screen. Four different sizes of the screen will be available for the display panel with the ability to support different standards. Sound technologies employed on the models include the Dolby Digital+ and DTS Virtual:X. There are additional two audio speakers that will support different modes such as late-night, theatre, sports, music, and standard modes. Standards supported by the display panel will include Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG).

The new televisions operate Android TV 9 Pie and will have a Google assistant voice able to search both in English and Hindi. These TVs have a 16GB storage, 2GB RAM, Mali 470 GPU paired to a quad-core SoC. To cater for connections, the televisions will have three HDMI ports, optical audio, AV input, WiFi 802.11ac (dual band), Ethernet port for internet connection, two USB ports, earphone jack, Bluetooth v5, and an RF analog port. Parents will be able to control what their kids watch with the enabled Parent Block Feature. This shows how every different accepts has been considered.

Company CEO Devita Saraf told Gadgets 360 that over 50, 000 TVs were sold last month. Vu provides affordable products and was able to beat its competitors who are new to the market including OnePlus and Realme. The company had sold over 650, 000 TVs in 2019. Company sales have been affected this year with disrupted global distribution and low individuals’ purchasing power. This has made the company unable to project its sales this year.